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LED Wall Light JU-W092

LED Wall Light JU-W092

LED wall lights are a great way to illuminate a space, as they can be used in a variety of ways to provide different effects.

By utilising LEDs, it is easy to create a unique ambience in every room of your home. You can use the items to illuminate a feature, such as a painting or wall ornament, or as a way to create softer shades that can make a space feel more tranquil and relaxing.

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Part number power Product size Pcs of LED Lumen Voltage Degree Warranty Water
Certificate Color
(V) IP
JU-W092 6W 190*46 2*3W LED WW: 80-90LM /W
  W: 90-100LM /W 
100-240VAC 30° 2 Year IP45 CE ROHS W,CW,WW,NW, R, G, B

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