Benefits of Having Platform Beds and Fitted Wardrobes

A platform bed is a bed frame of low profile with a solid plank or surface for supporting the mattress. Traditional bed frames like four-poster beds, canopy beds, or sleigh beds don’t always sufficiently support a mattress. A mattress foundation or a box spring usually needs to be used with any of these bed frames.

Fitted wardrobes are measured and made to fit into the available space you have ideally. This helps you maximise storage space and get rid of unnecessary gaps that come along with standing wardrobes. They add a flawless finish to your room that merges with the interior design of your room.

If you are looking for why you should get a bedroom platform bed and a fitted wardrobe for your room, here are some essential pointers that you should know.

Platform Beds Make Extra Storage Space

Not everyone is privileged enough to live in a spacious home or apartment. Regardless, any house’s bedroom is to be well organised to leave some circumference space around it. A platform bed helps you get to that goal using SG carpentry. When assembled, it leaves notable under frame space. This space becomes useful as you can keep a suitcase or boxes that you do not often use. Some of the mattress foundations even have under-store drawers. These storage drawers can help keep your babies’ clothes nearby.

There is No Requirement for Box Springs in a Platform Bed

The construction of these bedroom platform beds is such that it is uplifted to a fulfilling level that it does not require a box spring. Wood slats or metal are jam-packed, providing the mattress with maximum support. This also saves you money, as when you purchase a platform bed, there is no need for a box spring foundation.

Sufficient Mattress Foundation and Support Provided in A Platform Bed

Most platform beds use wood slats that are placed about 3 inches apart from each other. This makes sure that the mattress that is placed on the frame gets enough support. This also makes sure that the bed doesn’t sag, as the spacing is necessary for ample air circulation: the air circulation and non-sagging help extend the lifespan of the mattress.

Fitted Wardrobes Provide You with Efficient Space Usage

it is a common fact that fitted wardrobes increase space usage. Regardless, we often misunderstand the extent to which it can benefit us. With the help of SG carpentry, we can custom-fit these wardrobes into rooms of any size. This also includes a full-size walk-in wardrobe if needed. You can also use a fitted wardrobe for awkward spaces like alcoves, L-shaped corners, and even the room below your stairs which are usually not utilised. These benefits are not only for room spaces but also for the inner area of the wardrobe itself.

Custom Made Fitted Wardrobes to Your Needs

With a bedroom wardrobe in Singapore, you not only have the freedom to configure the exterior of the fitted wardrobe but also the interior of it. If you have more formal clothes than casual ones, you can opt for more hanger space in the closet. If you have tons of accessories and pieces of jewellery, you can choose to have more drawers. You can customise the heights of each hanger section, drawer, and internal self.

The Proper Finishing That Complements the Interior Design

An essential advantage of having a fitted wardrobe is that it can add to your interior design positively. Is this extremely important when you build a new house or remodel your home. Fitting a ready-made wardrobe to your interior can be a challenging task. You will first have to consider the material that is going to be a proper fit. Then comes all the different sizes and designs you can choose from. Lastly, you will need the absolute finish that will suit the rest of your interior. A fitted bedroom wardrobe in Singapore offers numerous advantages over a freestanding wardrobe.

If you are currently building a new house or remodelling, you should definitely consider the benefits mentioned above for both a platform bed and a fitted wardrobe.

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