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             There are several aspects to consider when planning a kitchen renovation. First, you will need to determine your layout; then, the type of appliances you will include and where you will position them. Next, you should consider how much countertop space and storage you need; followed by the types of materials and finishes you will use, which will best suit the style of your home and how you intend to use the space. 

1. How do I plan a new kitchen?

The kitchen photos on SG FURNICHE WORLD are a great place to start. Use them as a source of inspiration, and save your favourites to an ideabook. Remember that you can share your ideabooks with everyone involved in your kitchen renovation for easy collaboration! Collating images of your favourite kitchens whether you do so for general layout options, or more specific features like kitchen cabinets, islands or backsplash ideas will also help your renovation contractor determine the style you want to achieve. 

2. How can I maximise space in a small kitchen design?

When space is tight, think vertical. Start with ceiling-height kitchen cabinets not only will they provide extra storage, but they'll also visually expand the space. Save even more space by mounting ceiling racks or a row of racks with S-hooks to a blank wall for kitchen tools, pots and pans. 

While a kitchen island is a luxury in a small kitchen design, it can double as storage and an extra worktop. Just ensure you've made the most of its footprint by including cabinets on its sides. Look for slimline kitchen appliances and tuck away the biggest like your fridge and dishwasher into built-ins so they blend into the space. Push-to-open cabinets and drawers are better than bulky knobs and handles; but if the thought of finger marks makes you nervous, simply opt for hardware that is sleek and slender. You can save premium countertop space, too, by opting for a single-bowl undermount kitchen sink instead of one that is bench mounted. 

3. What materials and finishes should I use in my kitchen design?

The materials and finishes you choose for countertops, cabinets, drawers and your backsplash will depend on the style of your home, your lifestyle and budget. In terms of countertops, the most popular options are quartz, granite, marble, stainless steel and solid surface. Kitchen cabinets and drawers, on the other hand, are most common in laminate, 2-pack, veneer and solid timber. To make your kitchen stand out, use contrasting colours and textures with accents such as a tiled or mirrored backsplash, and add finishing touches with kitchen accessories such as coloured textiles and utensils.

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