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1. It creates extra storage

Possibly the most common reason that homeowners request a built-in platform is that they need more storage. Building a platform over drawers allows the same footprint to cover two functions: the sleep space and additional storage

2. It’s child-friendly

Children are prone to rolling off their beds, so many parents eschew a traditional bed frame for a mattress placed on the floor, or in this case, the platform.

3. It automatically delineates zones

Whether you’re separating the study from the sleep space, or some other function, a platform is a physical boundary signifying a change in function or use of the space. In this room, a study desk is incorporated in the platform’s design, and the step-and-a-half up to the beds signals the change of zones in the room.

4. Bedding won’t touch the floor

Neat freak! A platform keeps your sheets securely above foot so that they’re not in the way when you’re cleaning the floor.