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In the past patios and balcony were often classified as a wastelands — maybe a chair and grill but nothing more. Today outdoor spaces are like another room in the house, complete with an array of outdoor products, like patio furniture, outdoor fireplaces, decor, rugs and more. Committing to an upgrade can be daunting, but as long as you consider the key components — seating, appearance, practicality and storage — your new space will be a hit.

Bring the comfort of your own living room outdoors by purchasing a comfortable, quality patio furniture set. Weatherproof sofas, chairs, benches and chaise lounges offer an abundance of seating, while side tables and coffee tables give you plenty of space for cups and plates. To mimic your indoor living room even more, buy a sturdy waterproof rug and lanterns or candles — you can even splurge on a fireplace.

Live modern. Think modern. Think of SG FURNICHE WORLD.