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Welcome to LA MAISON CARPENTRY please come in and make yourself at home. We are pleased to share our story with you, and more importantly, give you a look at our modern and transitional furniture collections.

From living hall to dining collections to occasional items, our furniture reflects timeless and classic design married with a modern way of thinking.

We are innovators, and the designers of LA MAISON CARPENTRY at MALAYSIA are constantly exploring new shapes, finishes and construction methods in order to offer our customers something different. Something better. Even still, we never lose sight of function. What use is something beautiful if it doesn’t work? Sure, our products are beautiful, but they also provide exceptional features that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Let’s not forget construction and quality. Our team has traveled (literally) around the world to build relationships with factories in Vietnam and Indonesia that share our attention to detail and understand the need for the highest level of quality. The investment we’ve made in fostering these relationships can be seen and felt in every piece of furniture we make.

Live modern. Think modern. Think of LA MAISON CARPENTRY.