Transforming Your Homes and Offices with Timeless Designs

Looking for chic home or office interior? Want to lend a new meaning to an old and dated space? We bet, you won’t find a company that suits your bill as perfectly as La Maison Carpentry. We specialise in Interior Design, Design Renovations and Space Planning. As a company that has always strived to be the most trusted name for interior design in Singapore we offer end-to-end interior design solutions starting from living space and kitchen to home-office and study. 

A well-executed interior design project is one that is aligned to your lifestyle needs, maximises the use of space and lends an accentuated feel to your interiors. That’s what our team of team of designers work on. You have an idea in mind and our job is to turn it into reality. You don’t need to worry about exorbitant budgets or sourcing the materials for your project. As a carpentry company we bring to you the best furniture and other furnishings to redefine the space.



Best Interior Design Company in Singapore

The primary focus of our interior design services has been to serve clients who appreciate high-class design and style. We value your time and can implement a project from scratch within weeks. We ensure your space is spick and span once the project has been executed. If you have a meeting to hold in your office or wish to invite friends home, you won’t need to deal with the hassles of cleaning.

We Listen To Our Clients

Why should you choose us over any other interior design company in Singapore? The simple answer is – we listen to you. Our consultants would discuss your needs in details and offer you a detailed plan on the scope of the project. If you need 3D Drawings for more clarity and make the right choice, we have got you covered. We have the widest selection of furniture and furnishings to decorate your space. If you still want something unique, we can custom-build them for you.

Learning and Innovating

As the best interior design company in Singapore, we are on a constant journey of learning and innovation. With a team that has years of experience in this trade we have seen the transformation happen in front of our eyes. Every new project is a learning experience and the trends in interior design and planning change every few months. We keep an eye on the latest trends in the market to offer you the best implementable designs and ideas.

Personalising Your Space

Do we have a magic formula for our interior design services? We don’t as there is none. There is no single idea that can suit the taste and needs of all clients. Interior Design is always a matter of personal preference. Some like it minimalistic while others like to mix and match different ideas. We take this into stride and always focus on personalising spaces that suit your taste and meet your lifestyle needs. Whether you want to lend a regal touch to your home or would like to experiment with the latest trends, our team is always up for the job to deliver you the best. 

We are well-versed in the widely accepted design styles and can incorporate those while executing your project. In case you are one who likes experimenting and breaking the established rules, as your trusted interior design company in Singapore we would love to partner in your path breaking home or office interior project.

Let the best interior design company in Singapore partner in your project and transform the space. Get in touch with our team today and our interior design specialists would guide you through the project.


Sell high quality & good workmanship of furniture and offer you the highest value for your money. 


Our Carpentry service is a labor of love and a work of art. Also, pride our dependability and commitment to our customers.


Use only high-quality materials and also ensure carpentry work will be long-lasting as well as unique.


We are proud of our friendly, professional, and always developing team.